Bringing back traditional low-THC marijuana

The decades of Marijuana Prohibition had an interesting side effect. The plant changed very rapidly, within a few decades, as genius and motivated breeders coaxed it to have more and more and more THC concentrations.

The Marijuana of today, in fact, is not at all like the marijuana of the 60s, the 70s, or the early 80s. It has so much THC that THC crystals can often be seen on the plant!

Now that the insanity of Marijuana Prohibition is starting to give way to more rational thinking, Melowana seeks to celebrate this state of affairs by growing some of the old, low-THC versions of Marijuana. We no longer have to pack as much THC in as little volume as possible so it is easy to transport. We can take a more relaxed attitude towards it. Our strains catalog can now also include the traditional "landrace" (unmodified) strains also.

During alcohol prohibition, alcohol manufactures operating under the law focused on higher-and-higher 'proof' in alcohol products. But once the prohibition was repealed, interest grew again in beers and wines that had relatively low alcohol content.

Similarly, Melowana is taking the stand that there is still a place in the Marijuana connoisseurs' mind-altering experiments for the older and mellower forms of the plant, for the traditional leaf-based herb rather than just the modern high-THC concentrated buds.

Melowana is currently in the funding stage, and has created a crowd-funding project at, please contribute and spread the word.